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July 2022 - CaptureME Statistics July 2022


Remote ID applications through CaptureME are a fantastic way to free up your workplace or campus of avoidable administration.

So far in 2022, we’ve processed 340,000 remote ID applications. You could also think of it as an extra 340,000 potential available carparks… ~28,500 hours saved… or ~$600k worth of administration savings. We don’t mind which way you look at CaptureME.

See more about CaptureME at www.identityone.com

July 2022 - Convergint Partnership


Unicard is proud to announce that we have partnered with Convergint, giving our customers another option for identityONE, ID plastic & digital issuance solutions and self service kiosks in North America. Convergint have a strong reputation in business integration, and their skills in identity management make them a perfect fit for the supply of Unicard solutions.

June 2022 - Fitness Passport Case Study


Can an ID card bureau service help your business? Unicard currently delivers around 2500 Fitness Passport ID cards each week, powered by identityONE. Learn more in the case study below about how outsourcing your ID issuance is a great cost effective option.


May 2022 - Unicard Sponsors HoSA Conference, Sydney 2022


Unicard will again be sponsoring and exhibiting our range of solutions at the HOSA Conference in Sydney- 24-26th August 2022.

HoSA provides a range of activities and services for its members and the higher education community. These include:

Providing a forum for the exchange of information and advice on matters of mutual interest and concern;

Supporting and encouraging the professional development of the members and their staff;

Providing ongoing review of the functions and services performed by student administration and related student services professionals, and the impact occasioned by organisational, policy and technological change;

Providing advice to government bodies on issues that have an impact on student administration;

Enabling liaison between HoSA members and other relevant local, national and international bodies and organisations; and

Initiating and supporting collaborative projects that benefit members and the higher education sector

May 2022 - NACCU Membership


Unicard is pleased to announce that we are now a member of the NACCU.

NACCU is the only association that specializes in the campus identification and transaction industry serving the national and international campus card community, NACCU is dedicated to high quality educational programs, resources, services, and tools. The NACCU community offers its members networking, partnerships, leveraging technology, problem-solving, insight sharing, and professional development.

The National Association of Campus Card Users (NACCU) was formed in 1993. NACCU membership is open to all colleges, universities, secondary institutions and companies that are involved with the campus card market.

May 2022 - Statistics South Africa Case Study


Read this case study to see how identityONE can make significant efficiency and productivity gains as your Plastic and Digital ID issuance solution.

Statistics South Africa are now finishing up their 2022 census in which identityONE played a large part, and easily integrated into their field worker verification system.

StatsSA post preview.png

April 2022 - Siemens Master Framework Supplier Agreement


Did you know that Unicard has a Master Framework Supplier Agreement with Siemens for the supply of Unicard products to North America?

Imagine being able to tell Werner von Siemens back in Berlin 1847, that the company he started would be worldwide with an American arm in Chicago, partnering with an Australian company for the supply of products from Sydney in 2022. Here at Unicard, in 1983, we probably wouldn’t have believed it either! Amazing really.

March 2022 - New USA Shipment of Self-Service Kiosks


More Self-Service ID card issuance Kiosks are soon on their way to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from Unicard! After the initial shipment of 5 back in September 2021 we’re excited that another 5 are on their way shortly. More Staff, Students and Contractors at MIT will now be able to benefit gaining access to them 24/7.

It’s been a great success to introduce these to the North American market, a big thank you to the whole Unicard team and our NA partners at Siemens. See more about the kiosks here: www.identityone.com

February 2022 - iCreator - ID Template Management


Identity Management doesn’t have to be difficult, see for yourself!

iCreator is the built in ID template manager inside identityONE, one of the many features that makes identityONE the easiest way to manage your ID security system.

February 2022 - identityONE - Any platform - Anywhere


Staff shortages plaguing just about everyone right now, and many are working from home. Maybe it’s time to consider an ID system that covers you no matter where your employees or customers are. A cloud based Secure Issuance and Identity Management solution like identityONE gives you all the flexibility you need.

In the video below you can see a preview of our digital ID app. Digital ID cards and mobile access credentials are baked right in to identityONE if you need them. If your workplace uses identityONE you already have digital ID’s as an option, all while managing legacy ID cards from the same #SaaS ID system.

February 2022 - Verification - Fingerprint Scanning


There is no value in an identification platform that isn’t secure. That is why Unicard has certified identityONE to make full use of Suprema RealScan-G10 fingerprint scanners and ensure fraudulent applications and database accuracy errors are impossible in your ID issuance system.

identityONE can now facilitate the same fingerprint scanning technology that is used by the TSA for airport security background checks, and the FBI for criminal use. Unicard and identityONE make no compromises, with the Suprema RealScan-G10’s Certified by the FBI IAFIS under Appendix F it’s an implementation that we’re proud of.

November 2021 - Canberra Institute of Technology – New identityONE & CaptureME installation


A huge welcome goes out to the Canberra Institute of Technology, the latest to implement the identityONE and CaptureME ID issuance platforms from Unicard.

CIT trains around 20,000 people each year across over 300 courses, so it’s no small feat. We’re proud to help them with the efficient ID management of identityONE, and the flexibility of reduced contact ID applications with CaptureME.

November 2021 - University of Western Australia – New identityONE installation


We would like to thank The University of Western Australia for all their help during the rollout of their new identityONE ID system.

While UWA might be in one of the most remote capital cities in the world, Perth, we’ve been as connected as ever making sure the changeover went as smoothly as possible.

October 2021 - University of Melbourne – New identityONE installation


A big thank you to the University of Melbourne for their recent help rolling out identityONE to be their new ID system. UoM are one of our longest running ID system customers, utilising Unicard’s software solutions for over 20 years now.

Unicard are proud to help UoM streamline their ID issuance processes to 60,000+ active users. With not only identityONE, but CaptureME and Self-Service Kiosks, to aid contact free ID applications and a great end user experience.

October 2021 - First International Self Service Kiosk Shipment


Great news! Our first international shipment of 5 x Self Service Kiosks have landed in the USA! One last flight from California to Massachusetts and they will soon be in their new home. #gdayUSA #australiandesignedandassembled #selfservicekiosk

September 2021 - James Cook University – New identityONE installation


A big thank you to James Cook University and their help with the rollout of identityONE.

We hope you enjoy the help it brings your staff managing the ID issuance of over 11,000 users across many of your campuses.

August 2021 - Victoria University – New identityONE installation


A big thank you to Victoria University and their cooperation with the recent identityONE rollout.

At Victoria University, identityONE manages the ID issuance of over 40,000 users on 11 campuses. The web-based interface will certainly be beneficial to help things run smoothly.

July 2021 - Torrens University – New identityONE installation


We’re happy to report that identityONE has been going strong over the last little while after the rollout at Torrens University Australia. A big thank you to the team at Torrens for helping coordinate with our project group.

identityONE is across the six campuses in Sydney; two in Melbourne; two in Brisbane; one in Adelaide; the Blue Mountains; Auckland, and in China. That’s a lot of locations no longer needing local installations, the perfect fit for web based ID issuance.

July 2021 - La Trobe University – New identityONE – CaptureME Verification Module – Self Service Kiosks installation


A big thank you to La Trobe University for helping us coordinate the installation of their new identityONE ID issuance system, CaptureMe verification module and Self-Service Kiosk. All has been running smoothly for the past few weeks now.

With around 36 thousand students across 7 campuses and a history of over 50 years, Unicard are proud that our ID issuance solutions are the ones that La Trobe prefer and trust.

June 2021 - TAFE Gippsland – New identityONE installation


The rollout schedule is still packed to the brim! Today’s gratitude goes out to TAFE Gippsland. Thank you for the help in making your identityONE installation run along smoothly.

TAFE Gippsland has been running for 85 years strong, we are grateful that they recognise identityONE as being the best choice for their ID Issuance system moving forward.

June 2021 - University of Canberra – New identityONE installation – CaptureME Verification Module – Self Service Kiosks


We would like to thank the University of Canberra for all their help during the rollout of their new identityONE ID system, CaptureME Verification Module and PrintMyID Self Service Kiosks.

It is fantastic to see them enjoying the full suite of Unicard solutions for physical ID issuance.

An added thank you to Grace for her great feedback too: “We are really loving the new software. It’s so much easier to use and nice to look at it. A real improvement from what we were using.” – Grace Standish. Assistant Manager, Student Centre | Student Connect | University of Canberra

May 2021 - Charles Sturt University – New identityONE Installation


We are glad to announce that the rollout of identityONE is now complete at Charles Sturt University! It is a great privilege for us to have Australia’s largest regional university choose identityONE for their ID issuance solution.

More students choose to study online with Charles Sturt University than any other university in Australia, so we take pride that identityONE and CaptureME handles their entire ID issuance system.

“The staff love it, they love it because of the flexibility. We don’t need to hire a person at every campus to print the cards each day. We can hire 1 person at one campus to print all of the cards.” – Trevor Chapman, CSU

“That quote from Trevor really drives home the value that identityONE provides in a decentralised environment of six main campuses. Thank you to all the staff involved in the UAT process and management of the project!

May 2021 - Kangan Institute – New identityONE installation


Today we would like to express our gratitude to the great people at the Kangan Institute for helping with the rollout of identityONE, which has been running smoothly for a few weeks now.

Part of the TAFE Victoria network, the Kangan Institute can now manage their ID issuance for Staff and Students across all five of their campuses around Melbourne via the web-based interface with ease.

April 2021 - Western Sydney University – New Installation


The rollouts keep coming thick and fast! Today we would like to give a giant thank you to Western Sydney University for their help orchestrating their brand new identityONE installation with our project team.

During the project, the Verification Module for their existing CaptureME installation was activated as well. Allowing their students to upload their identification documents alongside their student card applications.

We hope you will enjoy your new streamlined Unicard ID issuance solutions for many years to come.

April 2021 - Federation University – New identityONE Installation


We are glad to announce that identityONE is now live and running smoothly at Federation University Australia. A great ID issuance solution alongside their existing CaptureME setup. identityONE is now available across all 7 campuses via the web-based interface anytime they need.

A huge thank you to everyone from Federation University for helping coordinate with our project team along the way.

April 2021 - TAFE South Australia - New identityONE & CaptureME Installation


Thank you to everyone from TAFE SA that helped us coordinate the rollout of the new identityONE and CaptureME installations for their Student and Staff Identification project.

Students can now get their industry cards and ID much easier across the TAFE SA metropolitan and regional campuses all over South Australia. Better still, it streamlines the administration of ID issuance for their staff too.

March 2021 - #1 In Australia for HID


A huge thank you to our ongoing partnership with HID Global. Again for 2020 Unicard was number 1 in the Australia & NZ region for HID desktop ID card printers and well in to the Top 10 in the Asia Pacific region.

February 2021 - State Library of NSW – New Installation


Unicard are proud to announce that three of our Cash + EFTPOS Reloader Kiosks have been successfully implemented at the State Library of New South Wales.

Directly connected to PaperCut Software, the kiosks top up printing balances courtesy of Quest Payment Systems or cash. With thousands of visitors to the Library each day we are thrilled that the printing, copying & scanning solution is made much easier for so many people.

Huge thanks to our project partners Ricoh Australia and everyone else involved for their help with managing the rollout.

January 2021 - Griffith University – New identityONE Installation


Thank you to everyone from Griffith University that helped us coordinate the rollout of the new identityONE installation. We have had great feedback so far and things are working well. It has been reported that the staff are loving the new functionality it provides, fantastic news!

Griffith University now has the identityONE solution, CaptureME, networked ID printers and self-service Print my ID kiosks at the Nathan, Mt Gravatt and Gold Coast campuses.

November 2020 - Bond University – New identityONE Installation


We are pleased to announce the completion of the new identityONE ID system installation at Bond University at the Gold Coast. The transition to identityONE has now concluded and things are going well. Bond University now has both identityONE and Unicard CaptureME ID solutions, a great combination to help streamline their ID card issuance process.

A very big thank you to the Bond University staff who helped us coordinate the installation and our project roll out team.

October 2020 -University of Canberra – New identityONE Installation


We have now finished the rollout of identityONE at University of Canberra! Many thanks to everyone involved to help the changeover run smoothly.

“We are really loving the new software. It’s so much easier to use and nice to look at it. A real improvement from what we were using.” Thank you so much for the wonderful feedback!

In the same project, Unicard CaptureME was upgraded with the verification module and to help with queues, a PrintMyID Self-Service ID issuance Kiosk has been installed as well. A fantastic package overall that really helps with the University of Canberra student experience.

September 2020 -Flinders University – New identityONE Installation


We are happy to announce the completion of the new identityONE ID system installation at Flinders University in South Australia. Everything went very smoothly and the transition to the new software is now concluded. Flinders University now has both identityONE and Unicard CaptureME ID solutions, a great combination to help streamline their ID card issuance process. We’re very pleased with the feedback from staff who have reported that it’s intuitive and very easy to use, thank you!

A special thank you to the Flinders University staff who helped us coordinate the upgrade and our project roll out team.

July 2020 - Swinburne University upgrades their existing ID system to identityONE and adds CaptureME.


The new Unicard identityONE and CaptureMe applications have been successfully deployed and are now available for creation of Staff, Student, and contractor ID Cards at Swinburne University.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and everyone in Unicard that was involved in this project. Your dedicated contribution and accomplishments during the course of this project is very much appreciated. For this I thank you. As the Project Manager of this project I was pleased to have worked with you and very grateful for your support. I'm glad the project was a success and I enjoyed being part of it. Hope you did too. I look forward to maybe one day when we can all get together and celebrate our success."

- Geoff Williams
IT Project Manager
Swinburne University of Technology

January 2020 - Sunraysia Institute of TAFE deploys identityONE for Student ID cards with door access control encoding. And Contractor card competencies.


Sunraysia Institute have updated from UniSuite to the new, web browser-based identityONE software.
identityONE provides flexibility to staff meaning they can login to any PC on the network, print and encode ID cards.

December 2019 - CaptureME Verification Upgrade at Federation University


Unicard has just expanded the existing Unicard ID card solution at Federation University, adding the CaptureME Verification module.

December 2019 - CaptureMe Implementation at Bond University

Bond Logo.jpg

Unicard are pleased to announce we have just added another University to the list of customers utilising CaptureME to reduce student queues and streamline the enrolment process, Bond University.

November 2019 - Unicard & UK Partner Hague Print, Academic Registrars Council (ARC), UK

ARC UK.jpg

Unicard joins UK Partner Hague Print at the Academic Registrars Council (ARC) conference in Newcastle, UK.

ARC is the national forum for senior managers responsible for the academic administration of student matters in publicly funded Universities and Colleges of Higher Education within the United Kingdom.

August 2019 - Unicard Partners with Hague Print


Unicard Systems Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the partnership with Hague Print as our new authorised reseller for the United Kingdom. Hague Print now represents Unicard’s full range of ID card issuance solutions. The partnership is highly significant for Unicard and follows an extensive search by the company to find a suitable reseller in this area.

Hague print joins Unicard with an established sales and support team located in 9 regional offices. Their wealth of experience and dynamic approach will help to underpin a larger customer base in the United Kingdom. We are looking forward to an exciting time in the further development of the Unicard brand, and we are certain Hague Print will prove to be an excellent partner for us in this endeavour.

April 2019 – Unicard Sponsors HOSA Conference, Wellington 2019


Unicard is pleased to announce that once again we will be sponsoring and exhibiting our range of solutions at the Head of Student Administration conference in Wellington, New Zealand – 28-30th August 2019.

The annual HoSA Conference provides an opportunity for directors and heads of student and academic administration to come together to share ideas, survey new directions in student administration and management, and make and renew connections with colleagues and friends.

April 2019 – Unicard Sponsors Student Service Centres Conference, Gold Coast 2019


Unicard will again be sponsoring and exhibiting our range of solutions at the Student Service Centres Conference at the Gold Coast 1-3rd May 2019.

The conference attracts professional and academic staff from across Student Services Centres and also every part of the university, including faculty representatives, department heads and other professionals directly involved in enhancing the student experience from university prospect to alumni.

The 15th annual SSCC will provide an excellent opportunity to engage with, and showcase your organisation, to senior leaders and decision makers in the sector.

March 2019 – Unicard Sponsors AUA Conference, Manchester 2019

AUA Logo

Unicard is pleased to announce we will be sponsoring and exhibiting our range of solutions at the AUA conference in Manchester, UK. 15-16th April 2019.

The AUA is a higher education conference where higher education professionals meet to engage, learn and extend their understanding of the education sector now and into the future.

February 2019 – identityONE Implementation at University of Tasmania

University of Tasmania Logo

Unicard is pleased to announce the first installation of the ALL NEW identityONE solution, integration with CaptureME, CaptureME verification module and 2x Self Service Kiosks.

Unicard was chosen to supply the University of Tasmania with the entire range of Unicard solution modules because of the superior flexibility the solution provides. Staff can access the ID solution on any device connected to the internet to approve student photos, start batch printing of cards, take student ID photos on the go. This includes using smart tablets or iPads to take student photos at enrolments or busy periods. Students can upload their own student ID Photo from their smart phone, iPhone, Laptop or PC from anywhere in the world. Choose to have their card mailed to them, pick up from a particular campus of their own choosing, or come in and collect their card 24 hours a day from a self-issuance ID card Kiosk.

identityONE is a web-based ID card issuance solution. Seamless integration with CaptureME provides users the ability to approve or reject ID photos, issue student or staff cards with ease.

Instant card issuance technology enables secure dispensing of new or replacement identity cards direct from an unattended kiosk. Printed in a matter of minutes on-the-spot, offers students the speed and convenience of immediate anytime card renewal outside administration operating hours. Multiple kiosk locations allow flexible card collection points.

Unicard continue to innovate future proof solutions to safe guard your investment.

January 2019 – CaptureME Integration at Western Sydney University

CaptureME Logo

Unicard has successfully integrated CaptureMe with their existing UniSuite Solution. CaptureME is a web-based application that provides potential cardholders the ability to upload their ID photo and verification document via a secure web browser on their computer or mobile device. The solution alleviates the need for the card holder to have their photo taken at student services.

CaptureMe combined with the CaptureME Verification Module allows students to upload their verification documents at the same time as their photo. Conveniently verify student details before print, avoid costly reprints due to incorrect card holder details.

March 2018 – CaptureME Usage Update

CaptureME Logo

2018 enrolments for Universities using CaptureME has been bigger than ever! Over 95,000 Students and Staff have used CaptureME services for the beginning of 2018. AWS capacity was doubled in anticipation and we’re glad to report that everything is running smoothly. A big thank you to everyone that has used CaptureME in 2018 so far. We’re thrilled to have helped campuses across Australia and New Zealand manage their busiest time of the year with ease.

November 2017 – NEW Fargo DTC1500

DTC 1500

Unicard is pleased to announce that the ALL NEW HID® FARGO® DTC1500 Card Printer/Encoder will be launched later this month.

The DTC1500 offers the convenience and lower cost of high-capacity consumables along with a comprehensive feature set:

  • Custom watermark overlay and resin scramble data protection
  • High-capacity ribbon consumables
  • Resin threshold - adjust precisely when the resin K panel is utilized, resulting in text and barcodes that are darker and more crisply defined.
  • Password-protected printer operation and AES data encryption

Designed for government ID projects, universities and colleges, primary and secondary education, healthcare facilities, and small-to-medium corporations. Contact Us today to be one of the first to take advantage of this fantastic addition to the Fargo® range.

November 2017 – Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation

Avner Logo

In 2017, it's simply unacceptable that someone diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer that is inoperable, should have a less than 10% chance of survival. That’s why Unicard has attended the "Wish You Were Here" Gala Dinner to help this honourable cause fund the Avner Pancreatic Cancer Foundation. We encourage everyone to help support their vision "To break through 40 years of no progress by doubling the number of people who survive Pancreatic Cancer by 2020" by donating here.

October 2017 – PrintMyID and Easylobby® Kiosks

PrintMyID Kiosk

Unicard is pleased to announce that the release of our PrintMyID and EasyLobby® kiosks are continuing to expand across Australia. We welcome Australian Catholic University, Griffith University and Ford, whose clientele can now enjoy the convenience that our customisable kiosks provide.

August 2017 – Matica Technologies Partnership

Matica Logo

Unicard is proud to now offer the Matica brand of ID card printers. The Matica Technologies Group has an impressive history surrounding card issuance systems and Unicard was pleased to undergo training in their Instant Issuance and Central Issuance range at their Singapore office.

Please Contact Us for details on their product range and how Matica ID card printers can help your business.

March 2017 – CaptureME Expansion

CaptureME Logo

CaptureME continues to prove itself an invaluable tool in helping Universities provide efficient ID card services to their staff and students.

Macquarie University and Monash University are now fully implementing CaptureME to spread their ID card workload away from their front-line staff. CaptureME allows them to spend more time helping students on their path to graduation, and less time on administration.

June 2016 – Flinders University adopts bureau printing

Flinders Logo

We’re pleased to announce that the South Australia branch of Unicard is now supplying a bureau card printing service to Flinders University through our CaptureME service. Bureau printing through Unicard is a terrific way to offload the stress of bulk card printing and distribution. We’re delighted to help Flinders University reduce peak enrolment period queues by bureau printing their student ID cards.

April 2016 – Unicard purchase $1million worth of HID products for the Australia pacific region

Federation Logo

Unicard are proud to announce the purchase of $1,000,000 of HID products in a 12 month period, third year in a row.

January 2016 – New UniSuite ID solution and CaptureME Implementation at La Trobe University

Federation Logo

Unicard has just implemented a new ID card solution at La Trobe University.

The new solution comprised of our CaptureME module, UniSuite ID software licenses, Fargo HID HDP5000 printers and integration into a number of existing 3rd party solutions.

January 2016 – CaptureME DVS integration completed at University of Melbourne

Melbourne_logo Logo

Unicard has just been completed the CaptureME integration into the Government Document Verification Service (DVS) at the University of Melbourne.

The CaptureME/DVS integration provides the capability of posting out Student Identification cards that have been securely verified online.

January 2016 – Expansion of Unicard ID solution at Federation Training

Federation Logo

Unicard has just expanded the existing Unicard ID solution at Federation training.

The expansion comprised of new UniSuite ID software licenses, new Fargo HID DTC4500e printers and integration into a number of existing 3rd party solutions.

December 2015 – CaptureMe Implementation at RMIT

RMIT_logo Logo

Unicard has just expanded the existing Unicard ID card solution at RMIT by adding our CaptureME module

December 2015 – Upgrade and CaptureMe Implementation at University of Western Australia

Federation Logo

Unicard has just upgraded our existing Unisuite ID card solution at the University of Western Australia.

The new upgrade comprised of new Unicard UniSuite Licenses, new Fargo HID DTC4500e printers and our CaptureME module.

July 2015 – CaptureMe Implementation at Federation University

Federation Logo

Unicard has just implemented our CaptureME module at Federation University.

The CaptureME module is a Web based application that provides potential cardholders the ability to upload their ID image via a secure web browser on their computer and mobile device. This eliminates the need of going physically to a capture station to take a photo for the card. ID Cards will be ready for pick up from Student Administration Centers or can be posted out for offsite students.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduce Student Queues at Enrolment times
  • Students attend Key orientation workshops and information sessions instead of wasting time in Queues
  • Quick and Simple for Students/Staff to use
  • Students can use their photo (rules are applied in CaptureME)
  • Automated emails sent to Staff/Students informing them of the progress
  • Reduction in casual staff employment at peak enrolment periods
  • Batch printing cards overnight.

June 2015 - Unicard appointed as an authorised HID PACS distributor for Australia

Federation Logo

Unicard can now supply all your HID Prox cards and readers as well as your Fargo ID card printers and ongoing consumables.

April 2015 - Unicard supply ‘Couriers Please’ with a national ID Printer solution.

Federation Logo

Couriers Please required a quality product and professional ongoing support for all sites nationally. Unicard’s proposal included Fargo DTC1250e printers and consumables with local support around the country, winning us the contract.

October 2014 - Unicard purchase $1million worth of HID products for the Australia pacific region

Federation Logo

Unicard are proud to announce the purchase of $1,000,000 of HID products in a 12 month period second year running.

October 2013 - Unicard purchase $1million worth of HID products for the Australia pacific region

Federation Logo

Unicard are proud to announce the purchase of $1,000,000 of HID products in a 12 month period.

June 2013 - Unicard an authorised Easy Lobby distributor

Federation Logo

Easy lobby is a market leader in visitor management software and hardware. Unicard can now provide your ID Printing requirements and setup a professional visitor management system.

June 2012 - Unicard to implement Mifare ID card system at Swinburne University of Technology.

Swinburne Logo

Unicard has just been awarded the contract to implement a Mifare ID card system using our Unisuite Platinum software and to install a number of HID HDP5000 printers across their campuses.

June 2012 - Unicard to Distribute New Fargo HDP 8500 Printer.

Fargo HDP8500The FARGO HDP8500 is the superior industrial ID printer for extended-run, high throughput ID personalization and issuance. It's especially suited for large government ID card programs and laborious service bureau conditions, as well as demanding university and large enterprise environments.

Solid metal cabinetry and precision-engineered interior components create a stable printer environment that operates reliably over continuous runs. In fact, the HDP8500 is loaded with features that maximize card yield per shift: multicard processing capabilities, 400 card input hopper capacity, accessible card path and graphical touch screen interface, and built-in physical and electronic security features. These features are all designed to ensure continuous production, even in the most demanding environments.

Feb 2012 - Unicard expands into Adelaide with Flinders University contract

Flinders UniversityUnicard has for some time now supplied Flinders University with their ID card printing solution, but now for the first time, Flinders has brought in an external company to supply and manage their photocopying and printing solution.

Unicard rolled out Epay Terminals for photocopying debt recovery, cash reloaders for cash top ups, papercut for print job release including online PayPal top ups and web print.

A Unicard Copy Shop was setup inside of Flinders Central library with 3 new staff to manage and provide the highest quality service possible to Flinders University.

Feb 2012 - Preferred supplier for Department of Education and Training (DETPSA)

Unicard awarded preferred supplier status for the Department of Education and Training to provide ID card services.

December 2011 - Unicard implemented multi-functions campus card at Macquarie University.

Macquare University Campus CardUnicard has done it again and worked with Commonwealth Bank of Australia to implement the new multiple functions and contactless student cards at Macquarie University, and students are now enjoying services like, University transport, the library, food, photocopying, printing and internet services, all can be accessed with a single card.

Features of the campus card include:

•  a University ID, the only official proof of identity for University purposes
•  library borrowing, printing and photocopying services
•  building access, with an integrated contactless card for use in all University buildings and properties
•  a reloadable, prepaid MasterCard® issued by Commonwealth Bank, letting you make purchases and access your money wherever MasterCard is accepted on and off campus or online
•  Tap and Go with PayPass, which lets you pay for purchases under $100 by tapping your card at the payment terminal
•  free access to any Commonwealth Bank and Bankwest ATM once you've activated your card and PIN, and a range of benefits and offers with selected suppliers on and off campus.

October 2010 - University of Canberra goes contactless with Unicard Systems

New Technology - University of Canberra Student CardUnicard has worked closely with Commonwealth Bank of Australia to introduce the new multiple functions and contactless student cards at University of Canberra.

"The new cards have multiple uses. Students can use them as traditional cards for identification, to access secure areas of the campus, to borrow library books and make photocopies. Also, the cards can be pre-loaded with up to $1000 cash for making purchases, with a maximum limit of $100 per shop. Unlike traditional EFTPOS, the buyer taps their card against a screen and the transaction is complete".

*source: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/news/local/news/general/new-smart-card-a-credit-to-university/2070667.aspx

May 2009 - The Australian Catholic University chooses Unicard Systems

Unicard Systems, after a substantial process has won all aspects of the ACU National requirements to install a complete new ID card and account based transaction management solution. The system will integrate into the student management system as well as the finance database and installation will commence in September 2009.

ACU National is The Australian Catholic University, a public university funded by the Australian Government and open to students and staff of all beliefs.

ACU National have six campuses in Australia and offer programs throughout Australia and overseas. Campuses are located in Brisbane (Queensland), North Sydney and Strathfield, (New South Wales), Canberra (ACT), Ballarat and Melbourne (Victoria).

ACU National in advising the company of its successful selection thanked and congratulated Unicard for its performance in the project and looked forward to the ongoing relationship.

April 2009 - ATEM Student Service Desk Conference Perth

Unicard Systems has continued the outstanding relationship enjoyed with the tertiary sector by sponsoring the major Australian Student Service Desk conference held in April this year.

The Student Service Desk conference in Fremantle was attended by more than 180 delegates and allowed Unicard to thanks its many valuable clients by sponsoring this major event.

March 2009 - Export Success Continues

Unicard Systems has continued the broadening of its sales with export success to Malaysia and China with custom formatted Mifare card readers. The readers which were initially designed for use in the demanding and high activity university environment have proven to be technically outstanding and economically practical in a number of overseas projects.

The export success was built on strong sales in Australia with one major tertiary institution now having installed over 1,000 of the M-Series readers.

May 2008 - Unicard Sponsors Association of Tertiary Education Managers Conferences

Unicard Systems has continued the outstanding relationship enjoyed with the tertiary sector by sponsoring the two major Australian conferences held in May this year. The Service Desk conference in Brisbane was attended by more than 170 delegates and allowed Unicard to share its 25th birthday celebrations by sponsoring the major event dinner themed on a beach party.

May 2008 - Unicard Wins University of Western Sydney ID System Software Tender Commissions for Mid-Year EnrolmentsConferences

Unicard Systems have recently completed the commissioning of ID card software for the University of Western Sydney with integration into various systems. The installation of the flagship UNI.Suite Platinum software now brings to twenty-six the number of Australian universities who receive all or part of their identity, transaction management or access control needs from Unicard.

April 2008 - Unicard Displays ePay Terminal at Cards Asia 2008 Singapore

Unicard Systems utilising space provided by HID has displayed the latest ePay terminal at the Cards Asia Expo in Singapore. The ePay terminal was displayed with products utilising HID components and drew great interest from many visitors to this prestigious international event.

The large and spectacular HID stand was located at the key entrance to the exhibition and also featured new Fargo products as well the range of other HID products. The Head of Fargo in the Asia/Pacific Region gave an enthusiastic and fascinating paper on the release of the new Fargo HDPii instant issuance card printer which has caused remarkable interest in the banking and finance sector.

March 2008 - Unicard Celebrates 25 Years Service to the Australian Market

Unicard Systems celebrates its 25th year of operation this year and looks forward to many years more of successful trading.

From modest beginnings in 1983 as a company specialising in boxes on photocopiers using magnetic stripe cards, Unicard has grown into a dynamic organisation offering the latest in card technologies and systems to be the leader in identity cards and Mifare technology in the tertiary education sector.

Unicard now boasts a client list of over 700 organisations around Australia and many new clients overseas.

Unicard celebrated the event appropriately in this Olympic Year with the first special export of our M-series Mifare readers to China. The readers which are made in Australia reflect the commitment to research and development and manufacturing.

December 2007 - Unicard Wins Charles Sturt University Tender

Unicard Systems, after a strenuous process has won all aspects of the Charles Sturt University tender to install a new complete ID card and account based transaction management solution. The system integrates into the Banner student management system as well as the Banner finance database with the additional benefit of encoding of cards for use with the Cardax access control system at time of card issue.

Charles Sturt University have also chosen the latest Unicard kiosk for Eftpos transactions for adding value to user accounts.

Unicard will also be installing a unique local university bus payment system utilising the latest wireless ePay technology.

October 2007 - Darwin office open for business

Unicard Systems are very pleased to advise that the company has opened an office in Darwin to service our many valuable clients in the Northern Territory and northern Western Australia. The new premises will hold a range of Unicard and Fargo products as well comprehensive stocks of consumables and service parts. The Unicard “ID Onsite” service will also operate from this office to provide services to small and medium size companies who want to have a professional ID card for staff produced on their premises.

September 2007 - Fargo Distribution News

The upgrading of Unicard Systems Pty Ltd to be a Fargo Electronics International Distributor as well as System Integrator and Partner has seen an unprecedented surge in business, particularly with access control projects. Scott Sester, Fargo Electronics International Sales Manager made the announcement just prior to the Australian Security Industry Association Limited Exhibition and Conference held in Sydney this year. Unicard can now offer identity and access solutions (including legacy) for integration that include; General Electric (ARES 5 and ForceField), Cardax, Siemens, BQT Smax, SALTA and Inner Range (Concept 4000). The new range of Fargo identity software solutions, Asure ID®, compliments the extensive range of ID solutions offered by Unicard.

August 2007 - UNI.Suite Platinum chosen by Railcorp

Unicard offers the most sophisticated ID systems made and developed in Australia including the new UNI.Suite Platinum product which was the selected solution for the NSW RailCorp tender this year. The RailCorp tender was the largest and most complex ID system tendered in NSW in the last two years and the awarding of this tender is a significant reward for the development that Unicard has invested and will continue to invest in the latest technology ID Systems.

June 2007 - University of Queensland go with TMS

The University of Queensland has enhanced the services available to students with the installation of the Unicard TMS account system. Students are able to utilise the system to pay for copying, printing and other services using the card for access and enhancing the campus experience!

1 December 2006 - Unicard wins Ballarat University ID Card and Cost Recovery tender

Unicard has been announced as the winner of the recent Ballarat University tender, for a complete ID Card and account based cost recovery solution. Unicard also supplies Ballarat University it’s W700 mseries mifare readers for door access. The addition of Unicard’s latest mifare technology now clears the way for Ballarat University to implement the latest technology in “One Card solutions” available.

25 June 2006 - Unicard wins Melbourne University ID Card tender

Unicard continues to dominate the University ID card market with its latest tender success. Unicard will be supplying an integrated ID card solution that will be responsible for all student ID cards. The ID Card system will also be supplying other University systems with related card information. With an existing Unicard cost recovery system already installed at the University of Melbourne, the addition of the new ID Card system will under pin a firm platform for another Unicard “One Card” solution.

30 March 2006 - Unicard wins UTS ID Card tender and successfully implements

Unicard Systems have recently completed commisioning of a complete ID card production system for the University of Technology Sydney with deep integration into various systems. The system includes campus wide image capture and card production facilities. With 10’s of thousands of cards printed,the Unicard system continues to provide a robust and reliable card production facility.

30 September 2005 - Unicard TMS mifare cost recovery system takes off!

The popularity of the Unicard TMS mifare cost recovery system has been exciting, with three large organisations placing orders with in the same year of release for installation during the 4th quarter 2005, and 1st quarter 2006. The installations include mifare access control, mifare ID card, and mifare cost recovery with ePay wireless options enabled.

Unicard are committed to providing the best integrated ID, Access control and cost recovery systems to the market place.

20 January 2005 - Terminal Management Server - new generation TMS Account / ePurse released!

Unicard Systems have undergone major product development in the last 12 months and have finally released Unicards new product line up. The new developments include new Back end server technology, terminals and access readers with entirely new electronics and a brand new look.

Unicard’s new TMS Cost recovery system has been released and installed with great success. With seamless system and funds integration into Unicard’s ID Card production, Access control systems and third party Print control applications such as pCounter, OCS and PHAROS, and a competitive price. There are no alternatives that can offer this kind of functionality and integration!!!