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Zebra Card Printers

Zebra ID Card Printers start with innovative engineering to provide quality, on-demand card printing solutions for a variety of card types. They personalize and laminate virtually every type of media, including blank and preprinted PVC cards, magnetic stripe, proximity, smart cards, and specialty key tags.

Zebra Card Printers are designed, manufactured, and marketed by Zebra Card Printer Solutions. Zebra Technologies is the worldwide leader in bar code label printers and plastic card printers used in automatic identification and plastic card personalization applications.

Further more, Zebra card printer solutions provide businesses enhanced security, improved quality, lower costs and better customer service. Choose from a broad range of full color or monochrome card printers. Options range from Ethernet connectivity, smart card and magnetic stripe encoding, to lamination for higher security and card durability. There is a Zebra card printer to meet all your business needs; from payment cards to driver's licenses, membership cards to employee identification badges, gift cards to ski pass IDs, and much more.

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Zebra ZXP Series 3 Card Printer

Best-In-Class Choice for Desktop Card Printing

Zebra ZXP Series 3 The ZXP Series 3 direct-to-card printer offers several advanced features that provide best-in-class performance at an affordable price point. Zebra’s ZRaster™ host-based image processing technology, for example, enables high speed printing while optimizing image quality. And Zebra is first to market with high-performance ribbons that have an improved formulation specifically designed for high-speed, high quality printing.

Benefits of ZXP Series 3 card printer include:

• ZRaster host-based image processing technology for increased throughput and image quality
Buy online • Smart card and magnetic stripe encoding to meet a variety of markets and applications
• New high-performance ribbons designed for high-speed, high-quality image printing
• Intuitive design for ease of use and simplified training requirements
• Optional enclosure lock for financial card printing
• Single- or dual-sided direct-to-card printing.

Zebra ZXP Series 7

Zebra ZXP Series 7 Card Printer

The fast and reliable ZXP Series 7 prints photo-like
cards for high-volume applications

Utilizing the latest in card-printing technology, the ZXP Series 7 card printer provides high-volume, high-quality card printing. The printer delivers fast yet reliable performance while offering users exceptional value by lowering the printer’s total cost of ownership. Time after time, it prints sharp vivid cards with precise color control.

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Performance: works the way you need it—card after card
The ZXP Series 7 printer is built to meet the needs of today’s demanding business environment.

• Robust design that works out of the box in a wide range of environments and applications
• Generates near-photographic print quality and color depth using photo-print technology
• Edge-to-edge card printing
• Laminator ensures security of the cards and lengthens the life of the image

Productivity: high speeds and low maintenance
The ZXP Series 7 printer features fast print speeds that improve productivity and reduce wait time.

• Fast click-to-drop and batch print speeds
• Up to three jobs can be in process at the same time (encoding, printing and laminating simultaneously), enabling fastest throughput
• ix Series™ ribbons are developed for faster printing
• Simultaneous dual-sided lamination

Ease of integration and low maintenance are ensured by:

• High-capacity media
• Ribbon and laminate rolls are synchronized
• Simplified ribbon loading and operation
• Windows® drivers, ZMotifSDK and networking options for faster deployment

Zebra ZXP Series 9 Card Printer

Retransfer Technology Card Printer - Superior Performance and Quality

Unlike traditional direct-to-card printers, which use a printhead that prints through a ribbon directly onto the card, retransfer printers print onto a flexible, transparent film that is then thermally bonded to the card.

Benefits of retransfer printing include:

• Higher image quality and print resolution
• The ability to print on uneven card surfaces such as smart cards
• Full card printing, no white edges.
• The ability to print on non-PVC cards.
• More durable and abrasion-resistant cards
• Fraud protection, since the film is inherently tamper-evident

Zebra ZC100 Card Printer

Whether you need to print single-sided employee identity badges or membership and event guest cards, card printing is a crucial aspect of your business. Deployment flexibility and the time it takes to print and manage your card printing solutions all have an impact on your business — from your brand image to staff productivity to overall operational efficiency. Now there’s a new kind of card printer designed to address it all — the ZC100. You get groundbreaking simple operation and the slimmest fit-everywhere design, along with a toolbox of additional capabilities that make the ZC100 even easier to integrate, use, and manage. The ZC100 — when only the best single-sided card printer will do.

Zebra ZC300 Series Card Printer

Ground-Breaking Simplicity

No matter what type of card you need to print — from identity and access to membership, event and credit/debit cards — the ZC300 Series card printers will help you do it better, faster, and easier. Elegant engineering of the ZC300 and ZC350 card printers eliminate virtually all pain points associated with card printing. The result is push-button simplicity no matter what you are printing — single or dual-sided magnetic stripe or contactless cards, in color or black and white. And with a ground-breaking fits-everywhere design, you can get secure card printing wherever you need it.

When you need even more, the ZC350 delivers the fastest print speed and advanced printing options that allow you to create virtually any card design you can dream up. With support for just about every encoding technology, you can create just about any type of card — credit, debit, identity, access, loyalty, public transportation passes and more. The ZC300 Series — the card printers that deliver it all.

Zebra ZC10L Large Format Card Printer

Large-Format Card Printing

Zebra’s ZC10L is the only large-format, direct-to-card printer that can produce full, edge-to-edge color cards in one printing process. Reduce waste and save money both in pre-printed cards and unusable leftover cards by printing what you need on demand. No need to order partially pre-printed ID cards or badges in advance.

The ZC10L is so flexible that you could make card design changes right up to the time of the event. Include sponsor logos, incorporate advertising, and take guest photos at the point of entry to further personalize cards and create guest mementos.

Value Card Printers - Affordable, Compact, Easy to use

The perfect combination of space saving design, superior quality printing and affordability. Zebra’s Value Line printers are perfect for printing employee or student ID cards, photo cards, membership and loyalty cards or gift cards.

•  Zebra P100i
• Zebra P110i
• Zebra P110m
• Zebra P120i

Performance Card Printers - High volume, Flexible and Durable

Offering a variety of set up and connectivity options, Zebra’s Performance Line printers are ideal for corporate and student IDs, membership cards, government IDs, hospital staff IDs, gift cards, photo cards and more.

•  Zebra P330i (popular)
• Zebra P330m
• Zebra P430i

Security Card Printers - High level of card security

With customizable security features and the ability to print contact or contactless smart cards, Zebra’s Security Card printers produce long life cards for access control, driver’s licenses, law enforcement IDs, military IDs and more.

•  Zebra P630i
• Zebra P640i